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Our Roots

Our roots date back to 1982 in Silicon Valley. The IBM PC had just been introduced and we began supplying the required manuals, software, and packaging on a turnkey basis. A key component of software packaging at that time was the 3-ring binder and we quickly became one of the world’s largest providers of customized binders.

Our unique, award-winning binders and packaging, coupled with our ability to provide complete documentation sets and fulfillment, attracted attention from other markets and we started supplying speakers like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy with their high-end course materials.

Over the years, we narrowed our focus to providing software products for the rapidly growing high-tech industry where we have been at the forefront of virtually every major e-commerce and on demand publishing technology in use today. Milestones in Our 30 Year History Of Innovation >


Today, physical software products have been largely replaced with digital downloads and SaaS cloud computing. So we looked at other markets that could benefit from our production and distribution capabilities that have exceeded the expectations of demanding high-tech leaders for decades.

We did not have to look far to see that speakers, trainers, and coaches have been underserved in comparison to the high-tech industry and that they could certainly benefit from our expertise in production and distribution.

But we also saw another fundamental area where speakers often fell short – design. Well-thought-out and executed design is essential for creating the brand awareness that generates sales.

With that in mind:
We launched SpeakersTrainersCoaches to provide the Design, Production, and Fulfillment services necessary to increase sales and maximize profits for speakers, trainers, and coaches.

Our goal is to maximize the profits for speakers, trainers, and coaches. To accomplish that, we use a three-pronged approach. We start with compelling design to create the brand awareness that generates sales. We then add efficient production combined with cost-effective fulfillment to reduce costs and improve the bottom line.
The results speak for themselves.

John L. Wade, Founder & CEO, Gung-Ho Company

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At A Glance

We provide Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches with compelling design to increase their sales, and efficient production and fulfillment to maximize their profits.

Quick Facts

  • Monthly Capacity of More Than 100 Million On Demand Printed Pages, CDs, and DVDs
  • GENIE Technologies are Maintained in a Secure SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center
  • 99.999% Order Fulfillment Accuracy for Over 16 Years

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