Dimes & Dollars (new article series)

Welcome to the first article in our new “Dimes & Dollars” series.

What does Dimes & Dollars mean? For this series, “Dimes” are ways to save money and “Dollars” are ways to make money.

Dimes = Tactical Ways to Save Money
Basically, saving dimes is just cutting expenses. A person may save “dimes” by buying a generic product. Speakers, trainers, and coaches can save dimes by using suppliers with lower prices due to more efficient production or more cost-effective fulfillment. Future blogs in this series will discuss tactical ways to save dimes using various production methods and fulfillment technologies.

Dollars = Strategic Ways to Make Money
On the other hand, making dollars means bringing in more income. A person may make more “dollars” by getting a higher paying job. Speakers, trainers, and coaches can make more dollars by increasing their sales as the result of an enhanced professional image and brand awareness that creates demand. Future blogs in this series will discuss strategic ways to make more dollars through creative design and marketing techniques.

Dimes vs. Dollars? We’ll Give You Both!
We feel many people spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on the dimes. Maybe because counting dimes is easier since it’s quantifiable. But realistically, you can only save so many dimes. Although we will address the dimes, look for the real value to be in our ideas that will make you the dollars. That’s where the real money is and, unlike saving dimes, there is no limit to making more money!