Saving Money with Black & White Printing

You can definitely save money by using black and white printing instead of color – but how much can you save and what should you consider?

As a rule of thumb, on demand black and white printing is roughly one-third the cost of color. There is a similar savings for higher volume offset printing. So if your contents do not require color, then it’s a good idea to consider saving money with black and white printing.

Example: If 25 copies of a 68-page coil bound study guide cost $24.80 each in color, the price drops to $7.12 by switching to black and white. When this was pointed out to a client, their response was “That’s amazing!!!” and they quickly decided to save money by printing in black and white.

Tip #1: We are only talking about changing the contents (pages). The cover should remain in color and proudly display your personal branding – a professional reinforcement as to what you are all about. That way, every time your customer picks up your printed piece, they are reminded about you and the benefits you provide for them. Which, in turn, drives demand for additional product purchases; and that translates into making more “dollars.”

Tip #2: You may even want to go a step further by showing your related products on the back cover (again, in color). You already own that valuable real estate, why not put it to use?

Tip #3: Since the cover is reinforcing your brand, it should be well-designed and expertly printed. We think a full color, glossy laminated cover on heavy paper with borderless (print-to-edge) printing works best. Besides holding up better over time, this type of printing looks just like a professional book purchased at a book store and not like something you’d get at a local copy shop.

This “Dimes = Tactical Ways to Save Money” blog is part of our “Dimes & Dollars” series.