Case Study: Julia Mallory Consulting


Julia Mallory Consulting (JMC) is a nationally recognized learning and development company with a client list ranging from 3Com to Zynga. The success of JMC’s business is built on a platform of engaged, interactive instruction that delivers significant and measurable improvements in retention, colleague relations, and productivity.


The Challenge

With budgets being squeezed and more companies entering the training space, getting and, more importantly, keeping the attention of the Fortune 500 has become increasingly difficult.

Our challenge was to help JMC stand out from the competition, build a recognizable visual presence, and get them in the door.

The Solution

We didn’t have to look too hard at the competition to see that almost every company was approaching the business of communicating what they do the same way.  With worn out consulting jargon that did nothing to pique or maintain interest, it was clear that we needed to quickly differentiate JMC from the rest of the field.

We spoke to some of JMC’s clients to get an idea of what they liked and disliked in a training company, and we took a good look at other companies in the training space. One of the first things we learned was that companies who hired JMC saw a significant uptick in the retention levels of the information communicated. Here’s some examples of what we heard:

[Our] employees are remembering what they learned and are actively using it in the workplace. We quickly realized it was because instead of being trained, they were being taught. We’re seeing measurable differences.

We do a lot of training games, but we really need to see them translated into results – if we’re paying to have our employees trained, we need to know they’re retaining what they’re taught.

After hearing many more comments along these lines, we knew differentiation was the key but it had to be done creatively.

We settled on compelling headlines combined with friendly, humorous imagery, and a clean, open look and feel. We redesigned the JMC logo so it quickly described the business and we created a style guide so everyone in the company knew how (and how not) to use it.

Finally, we helped craft a “voice” for the company. A way of speaking that was void of jargon, was smart, funny, and, most of all, approachable.

Since the launch of their new site and supporting materials, Julia Mallory Consulting’s business has increased threefold and JMC’s clients are happily referring them to their peers – and even to a competitor or two.

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