Compelling Design

Compelling Design That Will Enhance Your Image

At SpeakersTrainersCoaches, we know that a professional image sells and, as the saying goes, “you don’t get a second chance for a good first impression.” So, to ensure you always put your best foot forward, we formed the Headset Group to provide you with the compelling design services necessary to enhance your image and build the brand awareness that generates sales.

About The Headset Group

The Headset Group specializes in creative communication materials that support the messaging of speakers, trainers, and coaches. Headset believes in thinking everything through to the real end-user – YOUR client. And since nobody knows your clients like you, they start by being great listeners. They will ask questions, learn what you have to teach them, and come back to you with creative solutions that will engage your audience and make you look great.

The Headset Process


Headset Design Elements

  • Identity Design
  • Website Design
  • PowerPoint Decks
  • TED ED Presentations
  • Prezi Presentations
  • Training Materials
  • Packaging

The Headset Process begins with a deep understanding of your audience, your strategy, your messaging, and your personal brand. Headset then delivers well-thought-out and superbly designed materials that make the difference between a decent presenter and a world-class one – and it’s the world-class presenters that are remembered and asked back time and time again.

It’s our nature to think strategically. That means everything we do has a reason for being that fits within a solid, strategic, and measurable plan. No waste. No loss of momentum. And because we work so closely with production and fulfillment, everything is handled efficiently, accurately, on time, and on budget.

Philip Andrews, Creative Director