Printing, Discs, and Packaging

A Single Source For All Of Your Printing, Discs, And Packaging

At SpeakersTrainersCoaches, we provide every type of printing, disc, and packaging you want to put into the hands of your customer. Whether it’s a simple direct-to-consumer kit or an award-winning retail boxed set, you do not need to worry about using multiple suppliers – you can get it all from us. And you will get it on time at the price quoted!

Flexible Manufacturing Options

All of our manufacturing equipment is designed to produce the highest quality product. But that’s not enough. It’s also important to use the right type of equipment based upon the quantity. Sometimes you only need a few items, or maybe just one. Other times, you need more and want the economies of scale achieved with larger runs. With our full range of equipment, your products will always be manufactured using the most cost-effective equipment for the job.

Printing – Digital & Offset

We offer every type of printing from basic black-and-white on text paper to full-color printing on photo quality paper. If you need on demand one-offs and short runs, our digital printing is the perfect solution. For your larger quantities, we will use our sheet-fed and web offset presses. And as your quantities increase or decrease, we will automatically move your jobs between our presses to ensure your total solution includes the most efficient mix of printing methods possible.
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Discs – Duplication & Replication

Whether you need just one disc customized with your customer’s unique information or you need a large quantity, our combination of duplication and replication equipment provides you with the full range of capabilities necessary to satisfy the variety of demands for CDs and DVDs in today’s marketing environment.
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Targeted Marketing With Variable Data Discs

It’s commonly known that targeted marketing materials with variable data printing (merging customer-specific information on printed materials) produces better sales results. With our fully automated discs on demand, we take that a step further. For example, using our ability to produce custom one-off discs “on the fly,” speakers can generate additional sales by sending session attendees complimentary CDs and DVDs (accompanied with cross-sell/up-sell marketing collateral) that include any combination of the specific products an attendee was interested in when they checked off items on a session feedback form. We can even print their name along with the contents on the face of the disc.

Balancing The Benefits Of On Demand Production

Our on demand printing and disc duplication does not start until an order is placed. There is no cost until there is a sale. There is no costly inventory and warehouse space. There is no risk of obsolescence. Although the unit costs are typically higher, the overall benefits, including cash flow, often make on demand production the best choice. But balancing on demand vs. lower cost, higher volume production is often difficult. Don’t worry, we will do that for you. We think as though we are you – the owner/entrepreneur – and act in your best interests. As we guide you with our expert advice, we will offer intelligent recommendations that treat the money you are spending as though it were our own.
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Packaging – Design & Manufacturing

Your final presentation to the customer is reflected by your packaging. Whether it’s right or wrong, consumers DO judge the quality of the contents by its container – what we refer to as the “perfume bottle” effect.  So it’s a top priority for us to create customized packaging solutions that enhance your image while accomplishing your objectives. Our three-dimensional designs consistently win awards for their creativity. But we’re just as proud of their superior functionality and manufacturability – helping you meet the competitive challenges of each market segment, while keeping costs as low as possible. In every part of the process, you’ll find our people to be fast, flexible, and highly skilled at bringing your ideas to life.

Build-To-Order Assembly

Like our production, our assembly capabilities are based upon flexibility. We can preassemble your products into complete ready-to-ship kits or we can assemble any mix of your products into custom kits as needed on a per order basis. We can even create programs to make and ship your products on the same day to meet your rush requirements.

Consistent Quality And On-Time Shipping

Our Order Fulfillment Accuracy is 99.999% and we have never lost a client based upon our quality or performance. We simply do what we say and will guarantee it with penalties if we don’t – which is easy for us because we’ve never had to pay a penalty!

The folks at Gung-Ho not only design our packages and handle all of our production, they inventory our stock and fulfill the orders. It’s like bolting on an entire manufacturing division that’s professionally managed…. In an age of disclaimers, anyone who offers responsibility for successfully completing a job or delivery of a product is golden. John Wade at Gung-Ho never makes any excuses. When we order 20,000 copies of Biz Plan Builder, they go wherever they’re supposed to go, come hell or high water, and the price remains as quoted.

From the book, Business Black Belt, by Burke Franklin, Founder & CEO, JIAN, Publisher of Biz Plan Builder®

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